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4 Must Know Tips About the Dimplex Sp9 Electric Fire

The Dimplex sp9 is a wall mounted electric fire without a timer or a thermostat.

The effect a fire, especially in the cold freezing days of winter, gives is that of cosiness and comfort. An open fire is inconvenient and messy (hands down) and a gas fire leaves you considering the flue and gas connection constraints, the cost of installation, the need for annual servicing and permanency.

All the foregoing and more put together is what makes so many people appreciate the benefits of using a Dimplex fire.

Allow me quote a customer who recently made the choice of a Dimplex sp9; she said, 'I knew the Dimplex was the right fireplace for me as I didn't want the hassle of making a hole in my chimney wall or get the chimney swept.'!

The following are four must know tips about the Dimplex sp9 electric fire.

Safety and Reliability
One reason why the old style fires have run out of fashion is the mess and associated risks it creates. Dimplex electric fires don't burn fuel internally to generate heat so there is none of the associated risks like carbon monoxide poisoning. You also don't have to worry about regular servicing which saves you money and time.

Easy Installation
The Dimplex sp9 gives you incredible ease of installation when compared to other fuels. This means you can give your room a quick lift with minimal effort as the Dimplex simply plugs into a 13 amp socket so can be installed in a matter minutes.

Energy Efficient
Dimplex electric fires are perfect for this period of heightened concern about pollution and the need to keep energy costs at a minimum. Dimplex fires are 100% efficient at point of use which means no heat is wasted and the environment and your utility bill is better for it.

Dimplex has produced a new LE fires and suites with increased efficiency which has further crashed running costs and Dimplex even claims running costs are less than £ 2 per annum when using the flame only setting.

Design Flexibility
Dimplex sp9 comes with a simplicity that makes it possible for you to move home without complications. This is made possible because Dimplex don't require a chimney, flue or pipe work and their location within a room is flexible.
It's a statement of the obvious that fireplace sales are on the up in the cold months for obvious reasons and the Dimplex sp9, as stated above, possesses a great deal of very helpful features.

Source by Peter Ade

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