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Air Conditioners – Be Cool

In a way air conditioners are like street lamps and power lines-you see them every day but you seldom pay them any attention. Air conditioners are as common as the next student working part-time at a McDonald’s, but it doesn’t mean it’s all right to just ignore them as if they don’t exist. Think for a minute what the world would be like without air conditioners, what your home would be like without air conditioners. Not a pretty feeling, especially when summer is just around the corner.

Buying Guide

Here are some pointers on what to look for when buying an air conditioner:

* Browse the Internet and look for review sites that cover air conditioners and the like. These sites help you get a better look and feel for a particular product without having to test it out yourself.

* Check the BTU. It stands for British Thermal Unit and is defined as the amount of energy required to change the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The size of the room directly affects the number of BTUs an air conditioning unit must have to be able to support it. The bigger the room, the more BTUs required. Online BTU calculators are available if you need them. They’ll be able to narrow down your choices by a large margin.

* The venting type is another factor to consider. Most window air conditioners are simple in the sense that they are designed so their proper installation leaves the venting tube out the window. This is the most common window air conditioner design; however, some portable air conditioner designs aren’t as simple as a fruit punch. You will need to research the type of venting tube that suits the room best before going out to buy the unit.

Actually choosing an air conditioner isn’t so hard if you do your research. You should first and foremost know what it is you want and what it is you need before you go out of your way to have an air conditioner delivered to your home.

Source by Nikki Arevalo

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