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Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them Yourself

When your air conditioner stops working, or is not working properly, there is a huge range of things that could be wrong with it. Many people, just to save themselves the bother, hire technicians to fix even the smallest faults in their air conditioner. Others are not familiar with the simple knowledge that they need to have in order to undertake small time repair work. Learning to fix the AC yourself can save you a lot of money, and time.

Here is a description of the most common problems with ACs and the ways to fix them.

If your AC is not cooling properly, the most common issue usually is that it needs to be cleaned. You can do it yourself at home easily. The user manual provided with the AC helps a lot. Firstly you need to switch the power off. Now remove all the dirt and debris from the outdoor compressor unit.

After that, carefully remove the grill from the top of the condenser and clean the dirt from the fins with a help of a soft brush. Make sure you do this thoroughly. The next step is lubricating the motor. For this you need to follow the step by step user manual. After this you can reassemble the unit and turn it on.

Other common problems found with ACs that can and should be fixed without the help of a technician are the compressor switching on and off frequently, the coil freezing, thermostat not working, etc. These look to be major issues but can be easily fixed.

There are now a number of manuals available on the inter that guide you through process of making such repair at home yourself. These manuals are written by experienced people who know how to handle any problems with the air conditioning units. They are useful resources to keep with you and save you the cost of hiring any professional services for your AC repairs.

Source by Tynan Slade

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