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Features Of A Quality Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors are being used everywhere to drive pneumatic tools and to inflate certain objects like vehicle tires, air bags and so on. These compressors find use in industries as well as in domestic sectors as well.

When it comes to using an air compressor, the first thing that needs to be considered is the requirement. If you just wish to inflate air bags, portable swimming pools or your vehicle tires at home, then choosing a low powered air compressor is advised; but, for heavy uses and running a lot of pneumatic tools you will require a heavier and more powerful portable air compressor in order for it to be effective. There are many features of a quality portable air compressor which need to be considered before purchasing one for your use.

Motor Type

The air compressor runs on a motor which can take power from one of the many available sources. Some of the common motors include gas-powered motors, diesel-powered motors and electric-powered motors. Based on your location of work and availability of fuels, you can go for the motor type that suits you best. For indoor uses where power supply is easily available it is advised to purchase an electric-powered motor; but, if you need to carry your compressor to the open areas where finding an electric source is not easy, then you can go for a diesel or gas-powered motor. The choice of fuel also depends on the cost of the fuel in your area. Try to always purchase the cheapest and most convenient fuel for your portable air compressor.


Power is the most important feature of the portable air compressor. You need to select a model that can handle the amount of work you want to do with it or you will find it running short of air before the job is complete. The efficiency of a compressor is directly proportional to its power, and for heavier tasks, it is always recommended to use powerful compressors. You need to accurately determine the work load and in accordance with that workload, choose your machine. For household uses and small pneumatic machines, you can purchase a low powered device which will do what is necessary and also save on fuel. On the other hand, if you require the compressor for some commercial or industrial use, then you will need to buy a powerful model which can handle the heavy workload. Using the wrong device can lead to accidents and machine failures which will result in losses for you.

Thus, before you go for a portable compressor it is highly recommended that you properly assess your needs and then decide on the motor type and power that is required by you. Taking expert advice before actually buying a portable air compressor would be a good idea. Choosing the wrong type of compressor will eventually lead to losses. To save yourself from unnecessary hassle and to avoid a waste of money, these features of a portable sir compressor should always be decided upon before going out in the market to make a purchase.

Source by Robert Fogarty

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