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Heating Systems – The Most Important Part – Who’s Going to Install It?

What do you need to build the very best heating system? Will a particular brand give you a better heating system then another? What will make the biggest difference in the way that a heating system lasts and performs of the years?

The most important part of your heating system is the installer. The person that installs the heating system has the greatest part in the performance and function of the heating system. You can go out and purchase the latest and greatest heating unit. The unit can be made by the best company in the world. Then you can have someone that installs that unit and turn it into a piece of junk.

I have seen very good heating units, both hot water boiler units and hot air heating units, virtually destroyed by the installer. They refuse to read the instruction manual, or just choose to do it their way, the way that has been good enough for the last 20 years. There are many ways to get it wrong when it comes to heating installations. Some installers even seem to work hard at getting it wrong.

The next thing to understand is that name brand recognition does not imply quality. There are many highly recognizable brand names out there that I would never install in my house. Some have proprietary parts that only their distributors can get. That is big trouble! Others just cut quality period. They produce a piece of junk, but advertise like crazy to try and convince you that they have a good product.

So the main thing you want to do is to get to know very well, the person that will actually be installing your system. Just because the company is great, it does not mean that the installers are. Check other installations and find out what they have done for others first. Then do a check on their equipment. When you dig deep you will always find some unhappy people. Find out what is going wrong with the units and whether it is the fault of the equipment or a bad installation. That story can be very hard to get straight sometimes. Try to get enough info to make a judgment call on that.

To sum this all up, let’s just say that if you are looking to install a new heating or air conditioning system anytime soon, start to do your homework early! Find the guy that will freely share information with your. Those that do a good job usually have nothing to hide and will be very open about their work. They will freely give references and tell you exactly how the job will be done. Many will have pictures of past installations and be more than happy to share them with you. Call other people that they have done installations for if they are too far away to see easily. A good installer will gladly provide them for you.

The most important part of your new heating or air conditioning system is without question, the person or people that do the hard work of installing the system for you. Oh, by the way, if they do a good job, pay them well, they deserve it! Good installers are hard to find, encourage them to keep it up!

Source by D. Floyd Kolb

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