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How an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Can Save Your School on Energy?

Florida school administrators looking for alternative ways to reduce costs have made energy efficiency a high priority. Implementing a year round school air conditioning maintenance plan not only keeps equipment running efficiently, but can reduce overall energy costs by 5% to 20%.

From clogged air filters to sluggish compressors, improperly maintained A/C equipment costs Melbourne schools thousands of dollars in repairs and increased energy costs each year. Neglected equipment can result in a myriad of problems that range from data room downtime or equipment damage to total air conditioning equipment failure.

With teacher’s jobs and educational programs at stake, Melbourne school officials have found that an optimized a/c system can contribute toward maintaining important educational standards and help prevent costly scenarios that could result in exceeding operating expenses.

Regular air conditioning maintenance in Melbourne schools will also:

• Increase comfort level for both students and faculty

• Reduce the incidence of costly and extensive repairs

• Extend the life of school air conditioning systems

• Reduce the prevalence of “sick building” syndrome caused by malfunctioning or dirty ventilation

The Benefits of Maintenance Agreements for A/c Systems in Melbourne Schools.

Some school administrators may be concerned that entering into a maintenance agreement becomes an annual cost item. However, a typical preventative maintenance agreement usually doesn’t require any upfront investment and can pay for itself in energy savings over a short period.

Whether you are in the process of building a new school in Melbourne or are considering retrofitting new HVAC equipment, you will want to opt for a preventative maintenance agreement with the AC contractor who installed your system to guard against warranty installation issues within your first year.

Choosing a Melbourne Air Conditioning Contractor

The key to choosing the right Melbourne air conditioning contractor to perform your maintenance lies in the terms and conditions within the agreement. School administrators should search for specific maintenance items such as:

• A commitment to cleaning chillers, air pumps and air conditioners on a regular basis. (Dirty condenser and evaporator coils interfere with heat transfer and raise energy costs.)

• Scheduled regular seasonal maintenance and inspection of equipment which should include a check of belt tension, combustion efficiency and refrigerant

• Special labor discounts for entering into the HVAC preventative maintenance contract

• Emergency 24/7 hotline for cases such as computer systems failing due to heat or humidity

• Regular repair or replacement of malfunctioning valves which cost little to replace but can reduce energy efficiency dramatically if ignored

• Regular inspection of piping and ducts which are a major culprit in cooling loss

• Regular inspections of air ventilation systems for contaminants that can reduce energy efficiency and put building occupants at risk. The HVAC contractor should use environmentally safe non-toxic cleaning products

• Furnish up-to-date documentation on all school systems, including an HVAC preventative maintenance checklist with a log of the work that has been done

Source by Sophie Kaye

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