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How And Why Of Ductless Air Conditioners And Where To Use Them

There are several kinds of ductless air conditioners available today. For most homes the 200 BTU's are often used. Commercial buildings usually require the larger 7500 to 14,000 BTU's. You have the option of purchasing a window unit which fits into sash windows, or you can go with the kind that is placed in a room and vents to the outside of the structure it's in. There are vent kits designed especially for this purpose.

There are also models that you can attach to the wall, much the same way you would a flat screen television. These are also vented to the outside through the wall. Hotels usually use free standing units. There is no venting needed for these kids of air conditioners. Being that there is no need for them to be placed in an open window, this eliminates some of the security risks associated with traditional air conditioning units.

The "oasis theory" is a theory used to explain how ductless air conditioning works. This makes it possible to cool just one small room in the house, as opposed to cooling the whole entire house.

Much larger units can be used in restaurant kitchens, and for added cooling in warehouses, offices and stores. These units allow a room to be cooled off without adding a lot of money to the utility bill every month.

These air conditioners are often employed to help keep internet servers cooled down. Most people consider it a big hassle when their internet service providers are having problems delivering service to their computers. Units like this help keep them running smoothly and operating to their full capacity. A large circumference accordion exhaust hose is needed to vent this system through the ceiling or window and a dedicated electric line will also need to be used to hook it up correctly.

Recreation vehicles frequently take advantage of ductless air conditioning as well, sparing the battery power and cooling down the inside by twelve degrees in one room. It can also work the same way in mobile homes that are being pulled by a truck or car.

People with vacation homes out in the country might also like the idea of ​​having a system that can keep them cool in the summers when they are there. Some models are even able to produce heat, humidity and ionic air. This makes it possible to stay warm and comfortable in the winter as well. If you happen to be the outdoors type but would like the convenience of having air conditioning in your tent, these units can be the perfect solution, if you happen to have a power source nearby.

If you're doing some remodeling and you want to save money in the long run, ductless air conditioners might be able to help you do just that. There is no ducting required, and no heat pump is needed either. Many people find it much easier to go with these units, than to have to deal with any other kind of air conditioning systems available.

Source by Jacob Akshire

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