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How Can I Save Electricity From My Air Conditioner?

During hot summers, air conditioners contribute a significant amount to the overall electricity bill. If you have a reverse cycle air conditioning unit, the bills will also be high during winter. With the rising energy costs, finding ways to still use you’re a/C but still save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year is necessary. The following are tips to help you out.

Saving electricity used by your air conditioning system starts before your purchase the unit. The proper sizing and even type of unit you buy will go a long way in ensuring that you will be able to save in the long term. A proper sized unit will be able to condition air in your home without consuming a lot of power. In addition, rather than go for the conventional electricity powered air conditioning systems, you can opt to buy a solar powered unit which will allow you save up to half your electricity bills.

Another way to save electricity from your air conditioner is keeping it well maintained.

A well maintained air conditioner works efficiently. That is, if all parts of the air conditioner are working effectively, it will be able to condition the air in your home without being overworked. Do regular checks on your air conditioner including replacing filters and keeping it clean.

Consider making changes in your house to reduce the amount of conditioning needed. For example, replacing your clear windows with tinted or reflective windows will reduce the amount of solar heat penetrating into the house. This in turn reduces the amount of conditioning that needs to be done. In the long run, your air conditioning unit will work less and therefore consume less energy.

If a home makeover doesn’t suit you, simple changes such as keeping blinds closed during the day to reduce the amount of sunlight finding its way into your rooms can significantly reduce the amount of conditioning needed in your home.

Turn off any electrical appliances in the room to be conditioned. Besides consuming electricity, electrical appliances produce heat which will increase the workload on the air conditioner. In addition to this, the distance between heat sources and the A/C’s thermostat should be increased to reduce the workload on the unit. Heat sources such as bulbs when placed near the thermostat will keep it running the air conditioning system even if the room is sufficiently cool.

Running your air conditioning unit when its needed will also help you save electricity from your air conditioner. Programming the unit to start operating at predetermined times will help a lot. For example, setting your air conditioner to run at 60° rather than 100% will enable you have better control over the times its going to run. You can also program the system to run at times when most members of the family are home.

Finally, to save electricity while using your air conditioner, consider using it to condition air in multiple rooms simultaneously. Zoning for ducted air conditioners and installing split system in open areas such as the living room will allow you condition air in many rooms at the same time.

Source by Glenn Richard Holland

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