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Indoor Air Quality – IAQ – And Associated Health Risks – 5 Things You Should Know

1) Indoor Air Quality Makes the EPA’s Top Three Highest Environmental Risk List

Have you ever wondered about the microorganisms that could be contaminating your air? Unquestionably, people today are unaware of the health risks associated with breathing unclean air. Bearing in mind that there are immeasurable causes for the development of pollutants in the air that you breathe at home, it is safe to say that people should be more concerned about the health risks of inhaling unsafe air. But just how severe can the effects be of regarding the air that you breathe? The EPA Science Advisory Board rated indoor air pollutants (except radon) as the third highest in their list of environmental risks, well ahead, of the exposure to chemicals in the occupational environment, which ranked six.

2) Uncirculated or Confined Air can be up to four times as harmful.

It is quite hard to decipher, as possible effects of poor quality air in the home range from minor allergic symptoms all the way to heart disease. Although the effects are not considered as Read More

What Most People Don’t Know About Air Fresheners

Air fresheners have seen an alarming surge in popularity over the past thirty years, but their fragrant effects may come along with some unsavory health effects. It might seem like there can’t be anything wrong with a product like air freshener sprays, candles and solids, considering the amount of advertising backing them. The problem is the same as that with many other commonly used products: insufficient testing. An ingredient that has not been tested to determine its toxicity is treated like a benign ingredient-the truth is that a little investigation may reveal some alarming information.

Recently a bit of attention was given to the ingredients in air fresheners, and though there has been nothing conclusive, it is looking bad for scented sprays, oils, candles and solids. Walgreens was so concerned by the initial findings that they’ve pulled their brand name air fresheners from the shelves.

Have you ever read the back of the labels on a can of aerosol air freshener?

Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol: causes flushing, headache, dizziness, Read More

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Indoor Air Pollution and How to Deal With it

Indoor air pollution – is it a problem? Everyone knows about air pollution affecting urban

areas and industrial regions. Mexico City and Southeast Asia have hit the headlines. But

wherever there are cities and industry there is pollution, from industrial effluents and the

omnipresent automobile.

But indoors? The fact is that indoor air can be one hundred times more polluted than

outdoor air. As the majority of people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, this is a

cause for concern.

“Sick building syndrome” is a phenomenon which emerged in the 1970s when, to conserve

energy as well as to provide a more comfortable draught-free environment, many naturally

ventilated buildings were Read More

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