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Keystone Window Air Conditioners, A Good Fit For You?

You have without a doubt seen Window Air Conditioner throughout the years but you may have hated them when they were on. Why, because they were loud and it was hard to talk above them. I an here to tell you that Window AC have come out from the Stone ages. Here are a 3 reasons why you should choose the Keystone KSTAW05A.

1) Lightweight. Back in the old days you needed at least three people to lift up a Window air conditioner, but not anymore! The Keystone KSTAWO5A is not cumbersome. It easy to pick it up and place in window. Installation is easy. It will take longer to set up the Window AC support bracket than the AC itself.

2) Quiet. The light humming of this Window Air Conditioner is not a nuisance, even if you are sensitive to noise. For instance, If you keep the AC on 75 degrees (mostly) & in Energy Saver mode, when the desired temperature is reached and it turns off. You barely notice the pressure in your ears from the switch, it is that subtle. You will have no trouble falling asleep to the sound of it running continually. Some have found it rather soothing. It will cool a 100sq. ft. bedroom quite comfortably, even if your bedroom or living room is in direct sunlight.

3) Its compact and easy to use. The Keystone KSTAW05A can easily fit in your car for transportation. The design is lightweight, easily installed, virtually 'quiet', supplied with a remote control, cools efficiently & effectively, is Energy Star compliant, and it is attractively priced. Surprisingly this 5,000 BTU will cool approximately up to 120-150 sq. ft. with most bedrooms on average being that size.

This Window air conditioner has plenty of features, cools sufficiently, does fairly well at keeping a room at a suitable comfortable temperature. Another nice feature that I like is the mesh filter which can be easy to cleaned. You must be careful of the metal fins because of the metal, its easily bendable

With that being said, central AC has it definite advantages. My thing is why cool the whole house when all that is needed is one room. For a Window Air Conditioner being less than 175 dollars and runs on 115 volts you should see a obvious savings versus trying to cool the whole house down during the day for just one or two rooms.

Overall the Keystone KSTAWO5A will make you feel like you have a modern Window Air Conditioner and not something from the stone age. This will be a right fit for you.

Source by Eric Frazier

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