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Mist Fountains – A Miraculous Way to Instantly Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Mist Fountains improve the level of humidity in air, thereby improving quality of the air that we breathe. They make the air around your breathing zone clean, purified and moist.

Dry air is air that has a very little trace or assumed to contain no water vapor at all. It has very low relative humidity. When the relative humidity drops, the air feels dry it can make the skin dry, lips chapped and the atmosphere becomes a large zone for dust and allergens to float. In winter when heaters are used to address the very cold temperature indoor, air becomes dry. To mitigate dry air, some people use humidifiers. Mist fountain serves as a good air purifier and humidifier. Outdoor relative humidity may be as high as 90% but when the air is heated indoor the relative humidity decreases.

Water vapor is water in its gas state. During the winter months (when air is driest), evaporation is at its lowest levels. This is when the air has low relative humidity. Relative humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air at a certain temperature. 50% relative humidity means the air is holding half of the water vapor it can hold.

Mist fountains are negative ions producers. Negative ions are called Anion, freely created in nature. Anions are produced by the built-in electronic module in the mist fountain that vibrates at a frequency of 1.7 million pulses per second. At that frequency water molecules are sent into the air where water vapor is trapped. These water molecules appear as the mist or fog. When the water vapor evaporates, it adds humidity to your indoor at the correct level.

The negative ions work by removing air particles from the atmosphere.

Air particles are dominantly positively charged or ionized. When the negative ions produced by the mist fountain disperse into the air they are attracted to the positively charged particles through magnetic reaction. Negative ions make the particles heavy enough for them to drop out. These are the dust particles that we sweep from the floor.

Mist fountain produces the negative ions that remove the pollutants like: smoke, pollens, dust, pet dander, insect feces, allergens, mold spores and dead skin.

Hospitals also revealed that clean air provided by mist fountains reduce the level of infection in burns and plastic surgery patients by over 96%, therefore better and rapid healing is achieved. This is because negative ions indoors reduce dust by more than 50% and bacteria by 95%. (Based on a study conducted by US Department of Agriculture)

There is no better way to deal with air pollutants than through the generation of negative ions. It helps you relieve the symptoms of skin irritation, nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness, sweating and other illnesses. Mist fountains can eliminate your problems by providing better air quality like the air near ocean front or the air near natural waterfalls, where the air is naturally rich in negative ions. No wonder why we feel revitalized when we visit natural waterfalls and beach fronts.

Source by Amy C.

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