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Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Encountered During Summer

During the hot summer season your air conditioning (AC) system is prone to several problems that can affect its operations. It is therefore important to know what these problems could be so that when they occur, you can take the necessary action and keep cool.

1. Poor wiring – If the wiring in your AC is bad, then you are not safe since your house can easily catch fire and the conditioner can stop and trip the circuit breaker.

2. Freon leak – There is a chemical in your ac which acts as the coolant. This coolant is known as Freon. When the Freon levels go below what is expected, then the conditioner’s performance is disabled.

3. External fan not functioning – The AC takes the heat inside your house and replaces it with cool air. The heat transfer might fail and this may cause the conditioner to overheat only to trip the overload safety. When this happens, your system can become damaged internally, especially its compressor. You will then need immediate services to do the necessary repairs or replace your conditioner.

4. Coil inside is frozen – If the filter has dirty air and the duct work is also blocked, that can lead to the coils inside the AC getting frozen. The freezing of coils could also be a result of the Freon leaking or the levels being low.

5. Unit outside is not working – You could have a thermostat that is faulty or the power supply could be low. These two issues can stop the outside unit from functioning.

6. Cooling is not adequate – During the hot summer months, your AC might be unable to handle the extra load since conditioners do have a limit as to how much they can bridge. At times it could be that the system is undersized and not suitable for your home. To improve performance, you can add some insulation in the attic or on the windows.

7. No cooling at all – If the conditioner is running but no cool air is released, then the thermostat or the condenser could be having problems. In such an instance, it would be advisable to hire an expert air conditioning services provider to help you out.

8. Unit turns on and off – If this happens, it could be due to dirt in the evaporator or condenser. It could also be that the air filter is dirty or one of the rooms is shut. You should also call a professional when this happens.

Summer is the best time of the year and you should not let your AC stop you from enjoying it.

Source by Curtis Moore

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