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NewAir ACP -1300E Portable AC – Just In Time For Summer!

When it comes to beating the summer heat, most people look to air conditioners to stay cool. The majority of air conditioning units are situated in a window and are usually installed in convention single- and double- hung windows, but some models can be installed in sliding windows as well. In addition, some homes are also equipped with central air conditioning systems. These air conditioners work from a central location to distribute air within a home or building. The only problem with these two types of air conditioning systems lies in the fact that they require permanent installation or may not be suitable for apartments or condominiums – areas where there are space or installation constraints.

With that said, a portable air conditioner is the solution. Primarily used for spot or supplemental cooling, portable air conditioners are great for cooling individual rooms, offices, or even computer server rooms because they can be moved from room to room and offer quick installation without lifting or damaging window sills. Nonetheless, when choosing a portable air conditioner, the key is to find a unit that’s not too small to cool the room and not large enough to waste energy.

As such, our product team has been testing a range of the most popular portable air conditioners on the market, and we’ve come across NewAir’s most recent product offering: the NewAir ACP-1300E portable AC. Featuring an ample 13,000 BTUs of cooling power, this unit was not only powerful and affordable, but also chock full of exciting features. We tested this unit on a muggy Los Angeles afternoon in a 200 square foot bedroom of an apartment. Here is our review:

First Impression

According to NewAir, the AC-1300E portable air conditioner is very similar to the ACP-1400E, but with a newly styled body. The sleek white finish made the unit unobtrusive and the elongated body design was perfect for corner placement in our bedroom. The VFD screen was easy to ready and provided bright light and clear contrast. We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that the screen lit up in the dark. Large, built-in casters let us move the unit from the bedroom and down the hall with ease, while the remote control allowed us to control the NewAir ACP-1400E from 50 feet across the room. Moreover, we were also happy to note that this unit used a standard 120-vot household outlet.

Cooling Power

The NewAir ACP-1300E featured 13,000 BTUs of cooling power and this was more than enough to cool our bedroom. Auto-evaporative technology eliminated the need to empty any drain buckets, and we found that the exhaust hose was wider and larger in diameter than those found in other competing models. In turn, this resulted in more efficient cooling and better airflow.


In addition to providing cooling, this portable air conditioner also acted as a dehumidifier due to the refrigeration cycle. The NewAir ACP-1300E had an extremely large dehumidification capacity of up to 120 pints per day while using only 950 watts /10.8 amps of power.

Nose Level

While not completely silent, the NewAir ACP-1300E portable air conditioner was very quiet even on the highest fan setting (less than 52 decibels). We had the television on with the air conditioner running and found that it did not disturb our indoor environment in the least.

Built-In Air Purifier

The NewAir ACP-1300E was definitely multifunctional because it also included a built-in air purification system. Large airborne particles first passed through the washable air filter, while smaller particles were attracted onto electrostatic plates via the ionizer. Lastly, to address noxious household odors, an activated carbon was able to aid with odor adsorption.

In closing, we found the NewAir ACP-1300E to be a great portable air conditioner that was perfect for cooling personal spaces. With so many wonderful features, this unit proved to be a great buy.

Source by Jeanie Wong

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