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Not Your Ordinary Vented Propane Heater – Get Instant Warmth at a Low Heating Cost

In places where the temperature always drops, space heaters are considered an integral part of a household. In rooms that are closed and unventilated, the vented space heaters are highly encouraged. Especially the vented propane heaters if heating cost is an issue. Propane as a fuel is much desirable than other natural gas because it is safe and long lasting. The following quality space heaters are vented and use propane as fuel. They are compiled to help you shop successful.

Mr. Heater Propane Garage Heater

This is described as quiet, vented heater, ideal for both residential and commercial building. As its name implies, it is incorporated in garage areas. The unit can heat up to 3 garage cars easily. The BTU output for this heater is 75,000 and its price is around $499.99. The Mr. Heater Propane Garage Heater comes with a blower than runs on 120V. This space heater has no oxygen depletion sensor and remote. Hence, it is not ideal in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Empire RH50CBP Vented Room Heater

This vented propane heater has 50,000 BTU output that is ideal in room areas. It is a closed front vented room heater that comes with a blower. Its open design allows optimum flow of heat inside your room. It circulates warmth with radiant and convection heat as it circulates warm air with the blower. The model is also ideal for heating large areas due to its efficient heat flow and durable construction. The unit is sold around $834.95.

Williams 2001621 Enclosed Front Vented Hearth Heater

In room where free space is essential, this is a must have. This propane heater is not only space saving but also energy maximizing. It has matchless ignition and automatic temperature controls. At a retail price of $599.95, it already comes with safety control features, including resettable vent limit safety switch and thermostat. The unit also has durable coating finish.

Source by Jan Shaver

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