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Pure Water Filters – Luxury Or Necessity?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re sitting around with a group of people and they’re bragging about the latest “must have” high tech gadget or home appliance they’ve just purchased? Pure water filters are one of those appliances that seem to be steadily gaining in popularity. But is a pure water filter a luxury or a necessity?

The answer to that question will probably depend on whom you ask. There are those people who are very particular about the taste and smell of their water. To them, pure water filters are a necessity.

Some people think that water doesn’t have a taste and they are perfectly happy with tap water. To them, a pure water filter is a luxury that they may or may not be interested in purchasing.

Then there is the growing group of people who are concerned about the danger posed by the increasing levels of toxic contaminants that experts are telling us are in our water. Since 1999, the federal government has required water utilities to send each customer a detailed report listing everything that is in their water. Additionally, the EPA maintains a database where consumers can look up their own water utility’s “Annual Water Quality Report.”

Unfortunately, these reports don’t tell the whole story. Results are based upon standards that don’t take into consideration the entire list of 75,000 toxic chemicals used in our society, their potential effects when they combine or how these chemicals effect small children. People who understand this believe that pure water filters are a necessity.

I happen to fall in two groups…the group that likes their water to taste good and the group that doesn’t want to be harmed by drinking toxic chemicals. So for me, a pure water filter is a necessity. And I have to make a confession. I made my purchasing decision on the water purifier that would give me the best tasting water. But I’m happy knowing that the unit I purchased also guarantees that I’m not drinking harmful toxins. AND my pure water filter keeps healthful minerals intact.

I get these results because my home purification system is based upon multi-stage filtration technology. Multi-stage filtration has been developed to specifically address the need for clean, healthy water that tastes great. Other technologies, like reverse osmosis and distillation fall short of addressing all three of these important needs.

Multi-stage filtration technology makes it possible for pure water filters to be comprehensive, versatile, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if you believe a pure water filter is a luxury or necessity. If you believe its a luxury, then you deserve to treat yourself to the best water money can buy. If you believe its a necessity, then you have some wonderfully effective pure water filters to choose from. You simply can’t go wrong when buying a pure water filter for your home.

Source by Olivia Romero

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