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Rheem 22V50F1 Natural Gas Water Heater Review

Rheem 22V50F1 is a natural gas water heater with an exterior metal case, glass lined, and a tall water heater. The white color can also have a cool effect on the unit. Rheem is very practical for households with more than 5 members and this unit can also accommodate those who want to indulge in longer bath times. This model recharges rapidly so using the sink and the shower at the same time will be a breeze!

With its installation, purchasers also need to think about the plumbing connection of their houses. Generally, Rheem 22V50F1 can deliver enough water to supply a large family. You just have to make sure that it is at a considerable distance between your appliances that need hot water or else, additional installation of pipe is needed.

Anyone who is used to living with a 40 gallon water heater and would like to luxuriate in longer showers might think about purchasing the 50 gallon Rheem 22V50F1. It delivers approximately 90 gallons of hot water per hour and delivers hot water and recharges quickly.

The installation is easy and requires very few tools. As with other shipped items from anywhere, you have to inspect the product when you receive it. There are a noticeable number of purchasers who report dents in the lining of the tank. Some send the unit back others go ahead and install the tank realizing that for the most part the dents are cosmetic and as long as the glass liner is not damaged the water heater will work fine.

Usage Considerations

A family of between 4 and 9 people can live comfortably with the Rheem Fury 22V50F1.

Specifications & Regulations

• Lining resists corrosion with Rheemglas

• R-Foam insulation

• Adjustable coaxial aluminum vent to avoid staining of building

• First hour delivery 90 gallons

• Recovery in Gallons per hour in 90 degree rise 38.4

• Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve

• Uses outside air for combustion

• Requires venting to outside for burnt gas exhaust and fresh air.

• .58 EF 38,000 BTU

• 50 gallon capacity the Rheem 22V40F1 Gas Water Heater is 40 gallons (same model, just smaller)

Watch carefully as you look at the customer reviews because the Rheem Furry 40 and 50 gallon heater’s reviews are mixed together on the 50 gallon water heaters page. I noticed this as I read the Amazon customer reviews and was careful to only read reviews for the 50 gallon tank as I did my research for this heater.

Source by Todd Matson

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