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RV Air Conditioner Shroud Replacement Tips

Everyone that owns an RV knows about the joys of being out in the fresh air and enjoying nature in all its glory. And for the unfortunate few, they will know all about leaving things until the last minute and leaving in a complete mad rush wanting to beat the crowd on the roads. This is how those people will always forget something they made note of when arriving at their chosen site like that rather low overhanging tree branch which they did manage to avoid on the way in. Sadly this is hardly ever noticed when your on the way home. It is not until you get there and do a routine once over on your RV that you see the damage. An A/C shroud that has been badly damaged or is missing altogether is no laughing matter. It can create serious problems for your air conditioning unit if left exposed for too long.

So, what’s the answer? Obviously, you have to replace the shroud. But you’re not sure where’s the best place to start looking for a new one. A good place to start is in the owner’s manual if you still have it and see if the part number is listed, you may have a problem here though depending on the age of your RV. The manufacturers may no longer stock replacements for that model. Nothing to worry as there are plenty of sites on the Internet where you are sure to find one that will fit. Before you rush in and place an order, there are a few things you need to do in advance.

First, before making any order to replace your shroud you need to get up onto the roof and take exact measurements of your unit. Make sure you write down the width, length and depth so you know exactly what size of shroud you should order. There’s no point in just taking a look and thinking to yourself that you will know what will or won’t fit. Don’t take chances and run the risk of wasting your hard earned cash. You need to know the exact measurements and ensure that the new one will match up correctly with the blot holes from the old one.

This is where the Internet really shines. If you want to be sure of getting the right RV air con shroud for your motor home, this is the right place. You will be able to find an A/C shroud for just about any make or model of motor home, trailer or 5th wheeler ever made. You may not find an original but there is bound to be at least one site that will have a generic type that should fit. All you need to do is make sure of the measurements. Shop around before you choose to buy, don’t just take the first one you see by doing so you can pick up a great deal.

Whatever the reason for the loss of your shroud you will find a replacement. Just remember, it’ll be a lot cheaper to replace the shroud at around $150 than it is to replace the air conditioning unit which will probably run into thousands of dollars.

Source by John Loewen

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