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Stocking Up: Heating Oil For The Winter

It is never fun having to wave goodbye to the summer knowing that the coming months are going to be far from warm but unless we somehow manage to switch climates with Australia for the next six months; the British winter is going to be unavoidable. Rain, wind and possibly even snow; the winter months never fail to pack a punch which is why it is important to ensure that your home is as ready and prepared as possible.

No matter how much we might will it, we can’t hibernate; going to work, dropping the kids off to school and running the regular errands are unavoidable but what we can do is ensure that when it is cold outside, that our home is as warm as it can be. Home is where the heart is and no matter how cold it gets we know that we can lock our doors, turn on the heating and not have a care in the world!

Generally speaking, for many homes heating is never an issue. With a boiler service just before the winter kicks in, constant checks and a regular, reliable and as cost-effective a supplier as possible; heating will be in constant flow. There are however a number of homes throughout the country, away from gas lines and the “security” of knowing that the big heating giants will keep your home warm but all is not lost.

With no access to gas mains; heating oil becomes the prime solution. Generally considered the choice for agricultural use and older boilers, heating oil was never always a popular way to heat a home. Deemed too expensive and hard to get, buying heating oil for the home was left to those who had very little choice but today with its proven heating capability and it’s cost effectiveness even those with access to gas lines are opting for heating oil!

With winter slowly but surely setting in, homes that are reliant upon heating oil are encouraged to be ready for the cold weather that lies ahead. Whether you have been using heating oil within your home for a number of years or are considering switching, with the colder months already here, below are the essential heating oil points to consider…

Heating oil prices are generally lower in the months before winter because demand is lower so you could save a great deal of money by buying early.

In times of high demand prices can drastically increase but delivery can also be a problem especially in bad weather. If running low on supplies, placing an order at the last-minute in peak times or during bad weather could cause you problems.

There are a number of buying groups throughout the country but even if there isn’t one in your local area, why not consider establishing one? Your local fuel oil company will generally be more than happy to help you get everything in motion.

During peak winter months, heating oil prices will unsurprisingly be higher however the majority of fuel oil companies are more than willing to negotiate a lower price particularly when buying in bulk.

Buying ahead may seem like a hassle, particularly when buying in bulk but once you have your heating oil stock for the winter you won’t have to face the hassle of last-minute ordering and most importantly, you won’t have an unexpected bill to deal with at the end of the winter months!

There is definitely a chill in the air which means its time to start thinking about your heating. If you have already stocked up on heating oil then great but if not then you will need to move quick if you are going to beat the rush!

Homes in rural areas are generally required to use heating oil but many more are voluntarily doing so and who could blame them? Effective heating, competitive costs that can get lower thanks to buying groups not to mention the ability to avoid the giant gas bills we all dread at the end of it all; heating oil is a fantastic way to keep out that winter chill!

Are you stocked up and ready to stay warm?

Source by Caroline Fearns

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