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Tips For Investing In A New Central Air Conditioner

Last summer, our central air conditioner kicked the bucket. We knew that it was coming because the unit had been doing an awful job keeping us cool during a freak spring heat wave. And, to be honest, the AC system was 20 years old. So it was time to shop for a new one. Absolutely nothing strikes fear in the heart of a homeowner more than the prospect of needing to invest in a brand-new central air conditioner. We asked our pals and next-door neighbors just how much they thought it would run us to get a brand-new air conditioner and have a properly installed. Their quotes varied from $2,000-$6,000. At the end of the day, we managed to get the whole set up with a ten-year service warranty for about $4,000. Here’s our story.

The most crucial factor to bear in mind is that a professional A/C specialist ought to set up your central air conditioner. This is a complex job that requires skill sets along with instruments that many DIY property owners simply do not possess. Make certain that you request referrals from family and friends about A/C service providers that they have use. You can also go to internet review sites to have a look at certain providers. You want to make certain that you get multiple quotes for the project.

When the A/C service provider showed up at our home, he was totally on the ball. He talked us through the entire process of selecting and installing a brand-new central unit. He told us about energy-saving units that can save us a lot of money in electrical power costs. Because we live in Florida, we knew that it was probably a smart idea to track down the most energy-efficient air conditioning unit that we could afford.

When you have chosen which service provider to employ for the project, he will come out to your house and ask a set of questions and also take careful measurements to figure out the square footage. It is extremely important that your service provider do some meticulous calculations to figure out how many BTUs of cooling you need. Do not go with a small air-conditioner. Although he you might think that it will save you some money, undersized systems will never sufficiently cool your house. On the other hand, don’t insist on buying a system with too many BTUs. A large air-conditioner is extremely ineffective and will certainly cost you an arm and a leg to run.

See to it that you talk with your professional about guarantees. Many warranties have coverage for the compressor and a few of the other pricey parts of the central air conditioner. Your best bet is to go with a minimum of a five-year warranty. If you can manage a ten-year service warranty, that is even better.

Source by Jane Dabad

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