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Tips to Lowering Your Air Conditioning Bill

We all are looking to save money nowadays in an economy that is making it harder and harder for people to get by, and one way to begin is with your air conditioning. The summer months are getting hotter and hotter, and cooling costs are always increasing. However, if you are looking for ways to cut back on your cooling costs while ensuring your home is a cool and comfortable one to be in.

Fine Tune Equipment

One of the first steps is to arrange to have an inspection. Look for a technician that is licensed and a professional to check your home’s heating vents as well as cooling vents, AC systems, ventilation, and to make sure your home is operating at its prime efficiency. They will ensure none of the ducts are leaking as well as making sure energy used is reduced by as much as 20%. These inspections could run anywhere from $50 – $100, but in the end can save you much more.

Size Matters

The size of a home can determine what size cooling unit you are going to need. The larger the home, the bigger unit you are going to need, however, if you have a smaller home, stick with Energy efficient units that are smaller. This not only helps to save energy, but it can also help keep your home cooler more efficiently.

Keep Things Clean

Regardless of the type of cooling unit you have, you should always make sure to keep it clean to keep it running at its maximum efficiency. Some have filters that you need to clean regularly to prevent build up, while others may not. Keeping them clean prevents build up of things such as dust and other debris, and reduces the risk of fires or other hazards.

Keep Your Home Sealed

Make sure that your windows and other door frames are sealed properly with caulking as well as sealers. This keeps the heat out in the summer and the cold air out in the winters meaning your unit kicks in less often. There is weather stripping hat can also be used to help keep your energy costs at a minimum each month.

Change out Your Light Bulbs

You can opt for using fluorescent light bulbs rather than traditional ones as they use less energy than normal. By switching to this type of a light bulb, you can save as much as $35 for the cost of energy and they also tend to be less hot once they are left on for a while.

Keep Blinds Closed

Many people like having natural light in the home, but keeping the blinds closed can help keep the hotness from blasting into the house. If you want to have blinds open, open them on the side of the house that the sun is not shining into.

Cutting down on cooling costs can be simple as long as you use common sense. The key is to eliminate hot or cold air from getting into the home.

Source by Carol Simes

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