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What is the Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioning?

It is important in this day and age to look at the energy consumption of ducted air conditioning. So over the next couple of weeks i am going to put up the estimated costs of running different brands of air conditioning. The indicative running costs are based on TEN YEARS of running under average usage.

I will start with the most common capacity of air conditioning
An average sized 3 bedroom home generally uses a 14.5kw air conditioner to heat and cool it so we will start with this.

A Fujitsu Ducted Air conditioner Model ART54 luak 14.5kw Inverter has a three star rating and will cost approx $ 3081.00 over ten years to run.

A Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air conditioner Model PEH-RP140EA2 Inverter has not received a star rating as yet but costs approx $ 2862.00 to run. This is slightly less power than the Fujitsu Model.

An ECLIPSE V150 14.3kw Ducted system will cost approx $ 2790.00

and finally a Daikin FDYQ160 has an output of 15.5kw and will cost about $ 3087.00 over 10 years under normal running standards.

Now these results have been determined by the Australian Government and give you a guide as to the costs you may incur.

My personal advice is that you should look to digital scroll air conditioners as they have more energy efficiency than inverters.

I can recommend Actron and Eclipse as two good reputable brands as I have put in thousands of these units with hardly any issues to speak of

So in this range the most energy efficient system is the Eclipse V150 Ducted Air conditioning system.

Remember, before you purchase an air conditioner for your home or business it is critical that a proper heat load is done to ensure the correct capacity for your home
Till next time
Stay cool

Source by Ian Marsh

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