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Why Do You Need To Use VFD Panels?


Variable Frequency Drive stands for VFD which is a type of motor controller, used to drive an electric motor through altering the voltage and frequency provided to the electrical device. VFD’s are also known as the adjustable speed drive, AC drive, variable speed drive, micro drive, inverter, and adjustable frequency drive.

Faster the frequency, faster the RPMs go. In other words, frequency (measured in hertz) is directly correlated to the motor’s velocity (measured in RPMs). If a device does not demand an electric machine to work at full pace, the VFD can be employed to slow down the voltage and frequency to meet the demands of the electric motor’s capacity. As the requirements of device’s motor speed changes, the VFD can easily lift up or slow down the motor’s speed to satisfy the speed specification.

Powerful Reasons To Install A VFD Panel:-

Reduce Energy Cost And Consumption: If you have a device which does not require operating at full pace, you can simply reduce the energy costs by varying the speed of the motor with a variable frequency drive. It is one of the major benefits of VFDs. The device enables you to meet the speed requirements of the motor-driven machine as per the load requirements. Power consumption rapidly increases with the use of electric motor systems. You can save your bucks through optimizing motor control systems along with the installation of the VFDs, which can reduce energy consumption. Connecting the VFDs with the equipment can improve the quality of the product and reduces the expenses.

Increase Production Through Tighter Process Control: You can opt for the usage of your motors at the completely efficient speed for your device. It will reduce the chances of mistakes, and consequently, increases the production levels which make you earn higher revenues.

Extend Equipment Life and Reduce Maintenance: When your equipment is controlled by a VFD panel for ensuring the optimal motor application speed, it will have less downtime due to maintenance and will last longer. Because of the device’s optimal control over the motor’s voltage and frequency, it will allow better safeguard to the motor against the issues such as overvoltage, under voltage, phase protection, electro thermal overloads, etc. It is also an excellent way to diminish and/or reduce water hammer because it will provide smooth deceleration and acceleration cycles.

Install a VFD panel to have all these benefits and boost up the life of the equipment.

Source by Nitin Pratap Singh

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